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10 leadings go-karts Sodi GT5 + 1 Sodi2Drive
Frames made of chrome molybdenum and composites
Patented HEAD shock absorption system with gas shock absorbers
The cushioned sliding seats positioned exactly in the center of gravity of the kart
Reinforced easily sliding pedals
Hydraulic brake cooling with external tank for brake fluid DOT5
The full fairing moving parts and chassis for more safety
The full fairing hot parts and chassis
Lowered front plate and ergonomic steering wheel allows you perfect view on the track
Bonneted fuel tank for 12 liters with a vacuum pump allows long races without refueling
Specially designed plastic bumpers prevent mutual approaching machines themselves
Tuned exhaust system with silencer to reduce noise levels leading into center of spoiler with chrome finish
The whole machine was completely designed and modeled in AutoCad and subjected to demanding stress tests
Crash test Sodi GT5

H.E.A.D. system absorbs most of the impact energy even at higher speeds, even when other karts impact to the rear of it. This makes the action on the rider minimal.

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Now, with us you can also take a ride on Sodi 2drive, which is designed for two riders.

More information about this special doble go-kart, designed for training recruits, which allows ride even to children from 3 years old, you can found on a separate page


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